Quiz: France

Quiz: France – Test your knowledge of French culture, geography, and history! Explore the country’s iconic landmarks, famous individuals, and significant historical events in this engaging quiz.

Quiz: France

Quiz: France

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What is the capital city of France?

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What is the largest river in France?

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What is the current estimated population of France (as of 2023)?

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What is the Bastille Day and when is it celebrated?

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Who was the French King during the French Revolution?

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Which famous French painter is known for the series of paintings named "Water Lilies"?

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Which iconic French structure was inaugurated in 1889?

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Who is known as the 'Little Corporal' in French history?

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Who is the author of the famous French novel "Les Misérables"?

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What is the name of the famous French cathedral that suffered a significant fire in 2019?

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