Quiz: Spain

Quiz: Spain – Test your knowledge on Spanish history, geography, and culture. From the Reconquista era and Islamic influence to Nobel laureates, take the quiz now!

Quiz: Spain

Quiz: Spain

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What is the capital city of Spain?

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Approximately how many people live in Spain as of 2023?

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The Reconquista refers to:

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The Alhambra, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture, is located in which Spanish city?

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Camilo José Cela, a Nobel laureate, was awarded in what field?

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What is the traditional Spanish dish Paella known for?

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Which Spanish city is famous for hosting "La Tomatina", an annual tomato-throwing festival?

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The prehistoric cave paintings, one of the oldest known works of art, can be found in which part of Spain?

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Flamenco, a traditional music and dance style, originated in which region of Spain?

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Who is the renowned Spanish novelist best known for writing "Don Quixote"?

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