Quiz: World War II

Quiz: World War II – Test your knowledge on key events, famous figures, and strategic operations of the Second World War.

Quiz World War II

Quiz World War II

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What date is considered the start of World War II?

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World War II started with Germany attacking which country?

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Which country is associated with the defensive system called the Maginot Line?

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What was the name of the Allied operation to evacuate forces from Dunkirk?

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When was the First Battle of El Alamein fought?

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What was the name of the famous Soviet sniper who stood out in the Battle of Stalingrad?

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Which German emperor was the namesake for the operation to attack the USSR?

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Which German general was also known by the nickname Desert Fox?

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On which two Japanese cities did the U.S. drop atomic bombs in August 1945?

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What date is celebrated as Victory over Fascism Day?

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