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Geography Quiz – Embark on a worldwide adventure from your own home! Dive deep into the diversity of our planet with our engaging and enlightening geography quiz. Explore countries, cities, rivers, and mountains. Each run presents a new set of 15 questions from our database of hundreds, ensuring a new journey every time!



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How many countries are there in North America?

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In which African country would you find the historic city of Timbuktu?

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Which is the largest country by area in South America?

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Which is the longest river in Ireland?

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Which North American country is the largest producer of maple syrup?

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Ireland has a well-developed river network. The rivers have a slow flow, even flow, and mostly run through wide, shallow valleys. Do you know the name of the largest river in Ireland?

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Which country has the longest total coastline in the world?

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What is the capital of Germany?

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The west coast of Ireland mostly consists of rocks, hills, and low mountains. Do you know the name of the highest peak in the Republic of Ireland, around 1040 meters above sea level?

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The river with the largest drainage basin that flows into the Arctic Ocean is?

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What is the longest river in North America?

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The Galapagos Islands belong to which Latin American country?

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Which river is the largest in Ulster?

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In which country is the source of the Danube River located?

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The longest river on the Asian continent is?

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