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General Knowledge Quiz – Broaden your horizons and challenge your intellect with our all-encompassing quiz. Covering a wide range of subjects, our quiz tests your depth and breadth of general knowledge. Each run provides a fresh set of 20 questions from our expansive database, ensuring a unique brain workout every time!



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Saul Hudson (Slash) of the band Guns N' Roses is known for playing what type of guitar?

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Who was the youngest president in U.S. history?

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What was the name of the Confederate capital?

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Which German general was also known by the nickname Desert Fox?

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What was the real name of the famous American actress Bette Davis?

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What was Jesus's mother's name?

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The first film in which Bette Davis starred was shot in 1931 and is called?

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Depending on the strength of the bee community, a hive can count?

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According to the 2010 census, after the Russians, what is the largest ethnic group in Russia?

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The population of the Russian Federation is approximately how many?

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The Great Northern or Nordic War, fought in the first half of the 18th century, was a war between Russia and?

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Where does the name Europe find its origin?

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Which mathematician supposedly had a Eureka moment in the bath?

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What album did Bon Iver release in 2016?

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Which of the following novels was written by Mark Twain?

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Where do most of the world's wild tigers live?

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Outside of Europe, which country produces the most wine?

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What is the capital of Venezuela?

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Do you know which Greek philosopher and orator was Plato's teacher?

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With which actor did Elizabeth Taylor have a famous on-screen chemistry in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

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